“Netflix for Handbags”, according to the NYTimes, Bag Borrow or Steal is one of the hottest new internet businesses. As acting CMO, Pat managed all branding, messaging and marketing elements including creating and executing the promotion which featured BBoS in the May 2008 release of Sex and the City: The Movie. Additionally, she served as their PR spokesperson for all media relations (see sample list below.) The mention of Bag Borrow or Steal in the Sex And The City movie generated phenomenal results. Immediately after the movie broke, membership increased 217% and all time sales records were broken for seven straight days.

Sample Media Coverage
Sex and the City: The Movie • The New York Times • WWDThe Wall Street Journal • Extra! • Access Hollywood • CNNNational Public Radio • E!

“Pat is a great asset to have on your team. She is very experienced, smart, talented and has a high degree of integrity. She knows marketing and branding well and has both large and small company experience. She takes the time to understand your challenges and objectives and works to create plans to meet and achieve them. “

Mike Smith
Bag Borrow or Steal